Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Work Out Wednesday

I had a great work out this morning and then a run at the track before dinner.
warm up-- 6 minutes on elliptical
Kneeling, alternating overhead press 12/20, 12/20
Curl to Press 12/20, 12/20
One-arm, bentover DB Row--  15/20, 25/20
Cable Flyes  15/20, 30/10, 10/10
Walking Lunges  10, 10, 10, 10
Side planks  -  10. 10. 10, 10
crunches  -  10, 10, 10, 10, 10
Supermans  10
Cable twist with ball 15/12, 15/12
3 minute jog X 2 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Monthly Progress Report and a Great Work-Out

I lost .4 pounds this week for a monthly total of 3.6 pounds.   To work my butt off and not even get a full pound a week is very annoying! On the bright side, I didn't have a net gain as I did last November.

I did go for a physical this month. Check out my resting pulse!  Last year at this time I could barely get out of my chair.  My cholesterol is now in the 170's and my blood sugar is normal!  Yea!

Over the past year my trainer had me do wall squats with a stabilization ball, bench squats and TRX squats.  He FINALLY graduated me to barbell squats and I am thrilled.

I did a set with just the bar then he started adding weight.    For my final set I did 95 pounds which he said is great for my first day.  We had warmed up with some time on the elliptical and some wall squats.  I finished the session with three sets of leg curls so by the time I left there my legs were like rubber!

I'm so psyched over my BB Squats that it's keeping me from getting too fussed up over my low net weight loss for the month.

Soldier on!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Fitness Friday

What a great work out today!  Normally my trainer has me do three circuits of five different exercises.  Today we did five circuits of three exercises and it was far more difficult.  I really loved it and I do believe that the deadlift will be my favorite exercise!    
I did an 8-minute warm up on the elliptical and then:
Machine Chest Press:  35/20, 40/15,  37/18, 35/15. 35/15
1-Arm Seated Cable Row:  50/20, 70/15,  60/15, 60/15. 60/15
Dead Lift:  45/20, 65/20, 75/15, 95/15, 95/15 
I can't wait until I can deadlift 200 pounds!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Work Out Wednesday and One of the Most Amazing Things Ever Said to Me!

During my work out today my trainer suddenly said, "I'd really like to train you for body building; in fact, I'd love to do that!"

I was stunned that that could even be possible!  "Are you sure I could do that?" I asked.

He replied that he was 100 sure that I could do that.

A year ago I weighed about 400 pounds.  Now I have someone saying that I could become a body builder if I wished to do so!

I don't want to be a competitive body builder but I would like to put on more muscle as that would help my metabolism and make me look better.  I've been looking at my self-image and rethinking my potential ever since he made that comment.

Today's work-out:

7 Minute warm-up on Elliptical

Inverted Chest Press, 2 sets 15

Single arm machine press  15/10, 15/50

Close Grip Lat Pull Down -- 50/15, 70/15

Reclining DB press   10/15, 20/15

DB Flies  8/15, 20/15

Back Extensions  10, 10

Sumo Squats   BW/15, BW/15

Cardio Step ups with 15 pound DB, 2 sets 15 per leg


Monday, February 15, 2016

Back With My Trainer

I decided to return to my personal trainer, at least for awhile.  I don't have a full length mirror in my house so I snapped this photo at his gym and was shocked to see that my shoulders are now wider than my hips and I'm starting to be able to "see'  the lean look I'll have down the road if I continue to persevere.
Here's today's Workout:
I started with a warm-up of 7 minutes on the elliptical followed by:
Dumb Bell Flies:  12/20, 15/15, 20/15
Pec Deck:  15/25, 12/30, 12/25
Seated Rows:  25/50, 20/90. 15/90
Lat Pull-Down:    15/75, 20/67, 20/67
Stabilization Ball Wall Squat:  15, 15, 15
Str8t Leg Dead Lifts:  20/45, 20/65, 12/95
Cardio Step-ups:  30, 30. 30

Thursday, February 11, 2016

This Week's Weigh-in

Well, I'm down 2 pounds this week for a total of 3.2 in the month of February, so far. 

I have decided to return to my personal trainer for awhile and I have a session with him tomorrow.  I have not been running or doing any cardio but I've been hitting the weights pretty hard.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Work Out Wednesday! I killed it!

I got "snowed out" of my last two planned gym visits so I managed to get to there today and worked out for 90 minutes.  I do feel like I'm getting stronger. 

Seated Leg Press --   12/130. 12/170,  12/210, 12/250. 12/310

Leg Extension - 12/70, 12/90. 12/ 90, 6/110

Leg Curls - 12/40. 12/40, 12/50, 7/65

Pull Down:  12/50, 12/70. 12/70, 4/90

Chest Press:  12/30, 12/20. 12/30, 6/30

Seated Row  12/90, 12/110, 12/120

Bent over DB Rows:  12/35, 12/35

DB Deadlift:  10/90, 10/90

Incline Press:  12/10, 12/20, 12/20, 4/30

Arm Curls:  8/30, 6/30

Triceps Press:  12/50, 12/50, 12/50 

I've been spot on with the food and I'm hoping for a good weigh in this week!