Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Feeling "Unpretty" and my Most Treasured Compliment Ever

Some days I get up and feel totally unpretty.  This generally goes hand-in-hand with feeling fat or old.   Unpretty days can be hell, especially  when one will have to be in business or social situations that require confidence.  Ugh!

Trying on new clothes is particularly nightmarish on an unpretty day. I recently had this experience while trying to find a new dress to wear to the parties I had to attend this weekend.  I hated how everything looked on me.  And the dressing room was hideous --- ultra  bright lights that show every wrinkle, blemish, fat cell and stretch mark.  You try on one thing on after another and buy the one item that you hate the least.

It happened to be a particularly unpretty day when I received the best compliment of my life and it came from the only person in the world I could believe---  my three-year old granddaughter-- because she is too young for lies and false flattery!

She was spending the night at my house and as usual, wanted to do girly stuff such as pedicures and hair care.  She loves to brush my hair.
She was chattering away and I was only half paying attention until I heard her say, "And grandmothers are usually old, but my grandma is not old, she is pretty and looks like a princess..."

The entire world just seemed to stop while I absorbed what she said.   A million men could tell me I'm beautiful and I probably wouldn't believe any of them. But, this little girl made my day and I'll never forget it. 

Have a great day and remember how beautiful you are!