Saturday, June 27, 2015

Party Time --- And Feeling Great

I went to two parties today.  A graduation party in the afternoon and a Birthday party in the evening. At the Birthday party I saw someone whom I've met several times over the last few years but have not seen since Christmas. 
I noticed her a few times from across the room but got distracted every time I thought to speak with her.  Near the end of the evening the came up to me and apologized for not coming up to me sooner, but she did not know who I was!   After all my hard work, it was an awesome moment for me!
We talked for while about my weight loss, diet and exercise!  I did not like the dress I bought to wear to the party.  I felt FAT in it and was not feeling great about myself when I arrived at the party.  So this was just what I needed.
Thank you, Joanne!    
I used grilled & fresh veggies, gluten-free pasta and free-range chicken to make a pasta salad for the party. Everyone loved it.
Have a healthy day everyone!