Friday, September 18, 2015

The Week in Review - The Goddess Returns to Yoga

I had an incredibly busy week and never seemed to have time to blog-- so here it goes  -- the week in review!

On Monday I hit the fitness trail with M -- who loved my hair color and enjoyed feeling the muscles in my back!

On Tuesday morning Adam had me work on balance as well as strength:

5-Minute Warm-Up on Treadmill

Kneeling (on bench) Overhead Press: 8/20, 10/15,  12/12, 12/12

One-Arm DB Row:  20/20, 25/15,   35/12,  30/12

TRX Squats:  B/20 X 4 sets

DB Curls:    15/12,  12/15

Triceps Extensions: 70/20, 80/15

Shrugs: 45/20, 65/20

I left there feeling quite pumped up and that evening returned to Kripalu Yoga.  My friend Jeanne teaches a class at the Seymour Community Center on Tuesday evenings. It has been awhile since I did yoga in a classroom setting, although I have been stretching at home.

There were only a few poses that I could not do so I was pleased with my own efforts and enjoyed the class immensely.  I've made a commitment to return every week. 

On WEDNESDAY -----  Legs, legs, legs!  Today was leg day and man did I work them!

SB Wall Squats:  B/15 X 4 Sets

Straight Leg Dead Lifts:  45/20, 65/15.  85/15, 95/12

Leg Extensions:  40/20, 60/15, 70/10. 70/12

Calf Raises:  B/15 X 4

Ooooooooooooooooooo, Gumby legs!


OMFG, Adam had me do 45 minutes of calisthenics and isometric strength training.  Holy shit, I felt every second of my age in the gym and left there bathed in sweat.

Thursday night J wanted to work out at Planet Fitness so we went for an hour and I mostly worked on shoulders, back and chest   

I also had a great weigh in and lost another 3 pounds!  Yeah baby