Monday, January 25, 2016

Move, breathe, believe!

I've been on an upward trend with my exercise although after this weekend's snow I'll likely be running outside a lot less.  Shoveling snow over the weekend did provide me with lots of cardio.

I belong to both Planet Fitness and The Edge and I've been enjoying going to both for different reasons.  The Edge has better classes, I think, including yoga.  I've found the Planet Fitness in Amity isn't crowded during the day.  I never have to wait for machines in there.  

I went in there today and got a really good one hour work-out!  I can already feel changes in my muscles, especially my thighs:

Leg Press: 12/70, 12/90, 12/130, 12/190, 12/230

Leg Extension:  12/50, 12/90. 12/90, 10/90

Leg curls:  12/30,  12/30, 12/40

Pec Fly:  12/55, 12/55, 12/55, 12/55

Chest press:  12/20, 12/20, 12/20, 6/20

Pull downs:  12/50, 12/70, 12/70

Triceps press:  12/30, 12/50, 6/70, 6/50

Seated row, 12/100, 12/100, 12/100
I hope to be a lot more toned by Spring!