Friday, February 19, 2016

Fitness Friday

What a great work out today!  Normally my trainer has me do three circuits of five different exercises.  Today we did five circuits of three exercises and it was far more difficult.  I really loved it and I do believe that the deadlift will be my favorite exercise!    
I did an 8-minute warm up on the elliptical and then:
Machine Chest Press:  35/20, 40/15,  37/18, 35/15. 35/15
1-Arm Seated Cable Row:  50/20, 70/15,  60/15, 60/15. 60/15
Dead Lift:  45/20, 65/20, 75/15, 95/15, 95/15 
I can't wait until I can deadlift 200 pounds!