Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Work Out Wednesday and One of the Most Amazing Things Ever Said to Me!

During my work out today my trainer suddenly said, "I'd really like to train you for body building; in fact, I'd love to do that!"

I was stunned that that could even be possible!  "Are you sure I could do that?" I asked.

He replied that he was 100 sure that I could do that.

A year ago I weighed about 400 pounds.  Now I have someone saying that I could become a body builder if I wished to do so!

I don't want to be a competitive body builder but I would like to put on more muscle as that would help my metabolism and make me look better.  I've been looking at my self-image and rethinking my potential ever since he made that comment.

Today's work-out:

7 Minute warm-up on Elliptical

Inverted Chest Press, 2 sets 15

Single arm machine press  15/10, 15/50

Close Grip Lat Pull Down -- 50/15, 70/15

Reclining DB press   10/15, 20/15

DB Flies  8/15, 20/15

Back Extensions  10, 10

Sumo Squats   BW/15, BW/15

Cardio Step ups with 15 pound DB, 2 sets 15 per leg