Thursday, February 25, 2016

Monthly Progress Report and a Great Work-Out

I lost .4 pounds this week for a monthly total of 3.6 pounds.   To work my butt off and not even get a full pound a week is very annoying! On the bright side, I didn't have a net gain as I did last November.

I did go for a physical this month. Check out my resting pulse!  Last year at this time I could barely get out of my chair.  My cholesterol is now in the 170's and my blood sugar is normal!  Yea!

Over the past year my trainer had me do wall squats with a stabilization ball, bench squats and TRX squats.  He FINALLY graduated me to barbell squats and I am thrilled.

I did a set with just the bar then he started adding weight.    For my final set I did 95 pounds which he said is great for my first day.  We had warmed up with some time on the elliptical and some wall squats.  I finished the session with three sets of leg curls so by the time I left there my legs were like rubber!

I'm so psyched over my BB Squats that it's keeping me from getting too fussed up over my low net weight loss for the month.

Soldier on!