Monday, February 1, 2016

Stressful Day but Managed to Exercise

Whole Foods Haul
My daughter-in-law went to the ER again last night and this time they admitted her.  That means I have the two little ones at least until the end of the week. So I have two home sick from work and school and two others whose mom is in the hospital.  I may be bald by the end of the week.  LOL
I spent the day running from one thing to another with barely a minute to grab lunch.  Picking up various kids, driving them to the doctor, grocery shopping, etc.  I got someone to watch the kids so I could hit the gym for an hour and visit the running trail for a quick mile.  It started raining when I ran which I might not have minded on a different day but today it just added to my aggravation.
I made the kids sandwiches for dinner as that's all I had the time and energy for by the time supper time rolled around.  Ugh!  I hope tomorrow is an easier day.
Today's Workout:
Leg Press;  12/130. 12/150. 12/190, 12/230. 12/250, 12/290
Leg Extension:  12/50, 12/70, 12/90, 12/110, 10/110
Leg Curls:  12/30, 12/40. 12/40. 6/50      
Incline press: 12/20, 10/20, 10/20
Shoulder Press:  12/10, 12/10, 12/10
Pull down:  12/70, 12/70
Chest press:  12/30, 10/30, 10/30
Seated Row:  12/70, 12/90. 12/120
Followed by one mile trail run
 Getting my exercise in is going to be a huge challenge this week!