Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Progress Report and Setting New Goals!

Tomorrow it will be exactly four months since my first work out with my trainer and just over five months since I began eating clean.
To date I've lost 114 pounds.  My resting heart rate is 62 BPM, down from 86 BPM. My cholesterol is down to 160 and my fasting blood sugar stays at the low end of normal  -- down from a pre-diabetic state.  
I'm slowly regaining my strength and flexibility.  My aerobic conditioning is lagging behind my strength.  I went on a hike to Sleeping Giant Park a few days ago.  That used to be an easy hike for me.  I got about half-way up before I admitted to myself that pushing myself any farther would not be wise.  That experience has had me thinking that it's time to put more effort into my aerobic conditioning.
When I started this journey I set a bunch of health and fitness goals that I wanted to achieve by July.  I have completed these so it's time to set new weight loss and performance goals, refine my mission, try new things but also return to things that worked for me in the past.


My youngest son's wedding anniversary is on September 8th.  I'd like to put on the dress I wore that day and see how many of my granddaughters I can fit into the dress with me.  I'll have photos taken and post them here.
I'd like to be at my preliminary goal weight by Christmas. This is doable if my rate of weight loss remains the same, which it hopefully will if I continue to work hard and challenge myself.   


RUN AGAIN:  I actually started the Couch to 5k program today and was delighted when I was able to run for longer periods than the program prescribes.  I should be able to run 3 miles within nine weeks without a problem. 
YOGA:  I've been stretching, but not consistently.  My goal is to be more consistent going forward and restore the flexibility I once had by Christmas.
CORE:  The abs are my problem area and I should be working them more than three times a week.  My goal going forward is to do work my core at least 5 times a week.    
STRENGTH: Right now I do wall squats, bench squats and TRX squats.  I have not squatted with a bar. I would like to be able to squat with a bar, improve my bench press and maybe start to deadlift.


I'm already eating clean and in moderation.  But I'd like to expand on that by exploring things like intermittent fasting,  SAF (Stress Activated Food), fasted training, etc.
I may try something new  -- such as DDP Yoga or one of the beach body programs!