Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Workout and Adventures with Grandkds

Today's Work Out:

10-Minute warm-up

Incline DB Press --- 12/20, 20/15, 25/10, 10/10, 25/10  (needed help w/form with heavier weight)

1-Arm Bent over DB Row  -- 20/15, 30/12, 40/12, 30/15 (tough but felt good)

Step-ups on 12" Box  - B 12/12, B 12/12, B 12/12

Core Twist with SB and cable   12/12, 12/12, 12/12

The core twists are something new he's having me do.  They largely work the obliques. I hold onto the SB, brace myself and use the cables to twist.  Seems easy but it's not.  I love it though.

For the step-ups he just upgraded the height of the box by a few inches and it freaking killed me.  I don't know what hurts more  --these or the squats!  One thing's for sure, down the road I'd better have the best ass in the state of Connecticut for my age group.

I kept my two four-year old grandkids overnight last night and had to entertain them until dinner time today.  If I could bottle their energy I'd be a millionaire.
I wanted to take them swimming  at the YALE OEC today but thunderstorms were predicted so I took them to the Peabody Museum instead.
After our museum trip, we grabbed lunch and then I took them to Trader Joe's to pick out something good to cook for dinner.  They like the children's carts that Trader Joe's has.  Since these kids eat well they don't beg for junk foods when we're shopping and they pretty much behave in public too.
I also took them to the track where I do my cardio.  They wore me out.  I passed out in my chair after dinner!
I'm feeling great though!