Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Work out and weigh-in and walking, oh my!


Today's Work Out:

Incline Press:  27/20, 37/20, 47/15
Seated Row:  110/20, 140/20, 140/20
TRX Squats:  B/20, B/20, B/20
Plank (modified with bench) 45 seconds X 3
Treadmill - 60 seconds active rest X3
Wall Curls - 45/20, 45/20
Overhead Extensions 20/50, 20/50

NOTES:  With anything involving the back I feel super strong but with presses I feel weak. Definitely want to work on that,   Doing wall curls for my biceps with a bar makes me feel like such a badass!    LOL!!    I LOVE the burn.


Down 4.2 his week for a total weight loss of 114.6.   Yeah, baby!

Walk:  Went for an after dinner power walk at the track and kept up a good pace in spite of being tired.